Coronavirus Vaccine

As the national vaccination programme continues, people from priority group 6 are starting to be invited to have their vaccine. Priority group 6 covers people aged 16-64 with underlying health conditions who are at higher risk of serious illness or death from coronavirus, this includes people with diabetes. When you are invited for your vaccine, we strongly encourage you to take up this invite and get the vaccine. Please wait to be contacted before trying to book your vaccination.

Diabetes UK has written a really helpful article about diabetes and the coronavirus vaccine which they update regularly, you can read it here.

Information videos about the vaccine are now available in a range of different languages, click here to view them. 

Vaccines and blood glucose levels

When you get the vaccine, your body will start to produce an immune response. This is nothing to worry about, your body is just reacting to the vaccine because it is new to you. Your body needs energy to produce this immune response so it may release some extra glucose which is why your blood glucose levels may increase after your vaccine.

Why is it important to have the vaccine when you have diabetes?

Research suggests that people with diabetes are at a greater risk of developing complications from COVID-19. The risk tends to be greater for those who have high blood glucose levels and those who are overweight. Being overweight can increase your risk of developing infections and makes it harder for your body to fight them.

Check out our Keeping Healthy section which provides you with you information on how to manage your weight and make healthy choices.

We also have a range of Elearning courses where you can learn more about how to manage your diabetes and that you can do from the comfort of your own home.