New free online education courses

National reports published recently highlighted the increased risk of people with diabetes dying from coronavirus.  The increased risk is influenced by being overweight and having poorly controlled blood glucose levels, highlighting the importance of controlling weight through diet and exercise and maintaining good control of blood glucose levels.  Accredited structured education has been shown to help people self-manage their diabetes.  

Face to face diabetes structured education has been paused nationally in light of coronavirus and this has created a problem for those newly diagnosed or living with diabetes in accessing accredited education. Diabetes My Way now hosts a range of free online QISMET (Quality Institute for Self Management Education and Training) accredited structured education courses covering topics. QISMET, is an independent not-for-profit body, that supports self-management providers and commissioners, to achieve the highest possible quality service, for people living with long-term health conditions.

To access the eLearning courses you will need to first register providing your name and GP surgery. See below for the links to the available courses:

Considering an insulin pump

Growing up with Type 1 

My Gestational Diabetes 

My Insulin Pump 

My Type 2 Diabetes 

Type 2 Diabetes Prevention 

Understanding Type 1 Diabetes